How to disable WordPress plugins when you cannot access WP-admin

Did you get frustrated that you turned on a certain WordPress plugin and everything crashed to the point that you can’t disable it because you can’t access anymore the WordPress backend admin? here’s a solution disable by modifying an entry on your WordPress site database!

Step 1: Access your Site’s Database

Login to your phpMyAdmin and select the database that your WordPress Site is using. Our example here is we use mywordpressite_1 as our WordPress Site database

Step 2: Access WordPress Configuration Table

Search for the table name wp_options. If you are using a different table prefix aside from wp_ try to search the options table using _options.

Step 3: Search for the Configuration Key for your active plugins

Search for the row with a value active_plugins on its option_name. You can sort the table to make it easier to find the option_name by clicking the column header option_name.

Step 4: Deactivate all your plugins

Click the button Edit and you will be transferred to a page like on the screenshot below, and change the content of the big text area of option_value to a:0:{} and click Go to save


That will make you properly disable all the plugins on your WordPress site and you can login again at wp-admin of your site and re-enable the plugins you need. If you messed up again with your plugins just repeat the steps again.